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Covid Vaccine Paradoxes

Having had a lot of coversations and read a lot of pieces about Covid vaccines lately, it’s strange how rare it is to hear opinions that allow for some ambivalence. Usually the ‘jab’ is either our saviour, or something that will result in a kind of health-doom. The latter view is the one heard mainly from sections of the natural health community, while the former is generally from a hopeful public and those parts of the medical community observing reduced cases of serious disease. At the time of writing (early 2021, but updated late 2021), most from the scientific, medical

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Corona Conspiracy Themes

A major crisis always brings old and new conspiracy theories (‘conspiracy facts’ to their devotees) out for an airing. In the community of natural health advocates , this is highly prevalent, quite reasonably, as it goes with the territory of needing to be on the lookout for where orthodox health thinking is not serving some people very well. There is a certain popular format to the presentation of conspiracy material. Its most-often video-based, allowing for lots of use of dramatic or suspense-inducing music with voice-over, to help create a sense of fear. It usually jumps from topic to topic to

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