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Evidence-Based Medicine – Necessary but not Sufficient

The passionate proponents of the idea that the public should be “protected” from any kind of healthcare approach that has not been, or cannot practically be, evidenced by RCTs or similar statistical methods, i.e. does not fall into within the usual understanding of the term “evidence-based medicine”, seem to be rather short-sighted. It can be convincingly argued that in...

Re-examining Homeopathy

The ‘new biology’, which became at least partially credible for most people with the defining of PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology) or, that thoughts and feelings affect hormones and physiology, leads us to the conclusion that intention, belief, conviction, faith, prayer etc. cannot be conveniently separated from real, physical medicine. There is of course still a major cultural challenge...

Corona Conspiracy Themes

A major crisis always brings old and new conspiracy theories (‘conspiracy facts’ to their devotees) out for an airing. In the community of natural health advocates , this is highly prevalent, quite reasonably, as it goes with the territory of needing to be on the lookout for where orthodox health thinking is not serving some people very well. There is a certain popular format to the...

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