Evidence-Based Medicine – Necessary but not Sufficient

The passionate proponents of the idea that the public should be “protected” from any kind of healthcare approach that has not been, or cannot practically be, evidenced by RCTs or similar statistical methods, i.e. does not fall into within the usual understanding of the term “evidence-based medicine”, seem to be rather short-sighted. It can be convincingly argued that in...

Cigarettes: shock, horror.

You may have noted the small flurry of articles this April in the early discovery period of the characteristics of Covid 19, mentioning that smokers had shown up as a disproportionately small fraction of hospitalised cases. Several sets of figures have been recorded around the world. Initially for 480 positive patients at one Paris hospital of whom 350 ended up hospitalised around 5% were smokers...

Natural Health – A User’s Guide

If you have been observing the natural, complementary or alternative healthcare movement for some time, and particularly if you have been seeking for solutions to improve your own condition, you may well have reached a point where the messages from practitioners and promoters seem confusing, exaggerated or even counter-factual. Polarised against these messages, you probably also see the section...

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