The Heart of Healing – The 5 Levels of Health

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

July 2022 – 3rd week – time TBC

with Dietrich Klinghardt

The next speaker in our series of seminars and workshops on the topic of Healing as Transformation is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

Dr. Klinghardt developed a model of integrated approaches that are designed to heal the body not only on the physical level but also the energetic, spiritual and mental planes. His approach to healing has evolved during his career and his aim is to broaden and deepen the knowledge of using truly holistic healthcare within the clients healing journey. This seminar gives a broad view of the five levels of healing that Dr. Klinghardt applies in practise.

“We exist in different dimensions – simultaneously. The physical body exists within a sphere of invisible etheric bodies that each have their own anatomy and physiology. There is an alive and profound interaction between the different levels.”

This 2.5 hour seminar will cover:

  • A outline of the 5 Levels of Healing model.
  • The approaches that are focused on within each level and why we are ultimately working towards self actualisation aiding them to find their purpose, when we are working with a client.
  • Understand the profound interaction between the different levels.
  • Understanding why a healing intervention must be on the level the illness has been created to aid resolution.
  • How it can enable you as the practitioner understand your own work better and improve treatment decisions for your client. 
  • Knowledge to offer a wider range of practical solutions as a natural and regular part of your consultation.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt biography

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD. PhD, Scientific Advisor, develops and employs diagnostic treatment modalities, and has established treatment centres, and conducts research. He runs the Klinghardt Institute where his approach to integrative health is taught.