Breathwork as a therapeutic tool

Steph Magenta

Tues 27 Feb 1400-1600 UK (0900-1100 EST , 1500-1700 CET)

This month’s main seminar will look at breathwork as a tool to support health and well-being.  Breathwork is diverse and powerful – ranging from functional ‘breath correction’ through to transformative conscious connected breathwork that promotes deep emotional release and insights.

Breath is perhaps life’s most essential practice, can be subject to many distortions in cases of pathology, and is almost universally applicable as a support to healing.

The seminar will give you an introduction to what is possible with breathwork, and provide some simple methods that will be practiced during the session and that you can use to help clients.

Steph Magenta biography

Our seminar leader Steph Magenta is an experienced breathwork trainer who has expertise at both ends of the breathwork spectrum, being a qualified OxygenAdvantage coach and running professional training programs for connected breath practitioners.