Clearer, Cleaner Communications

Catherine Daley

Tues 28 May 2024 1800 – 2000 UK (1300-1500 EST, 1900-2100 CET)

Deepen Your Therapeutic Relationships: 2-Hour Interactive Workshop for Health Practitioners

Do you ever feel like you’re missing something in your interactions with clients?

Unexamined assumptions, coupled with communication gaps, can hinder understanding and unintentionally limit the effectiveness of your sessions.

This 2-hour interactive workshop equips you with skills to cultivate deeper and more impactful understanding with your clients.

Unlock the Power of Cleaner, Clearer Communication:

Assumptions: Understand the power and challenges of assumptions, identify your own and your clients’, and develop strategies to navigate them effectively.

Listening: Master the art of attentive listening, understand the impact of your attention, and bust some common listening myths.

Questioning and Curiosity: Master the art of “Clean Language” questions, free from assumptions, and learn to utilise metaphors for deeper understanding. Explore the connection between attention, curiosity, and connection.

Peer Learning and Networking: Engage with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and expand your professional network through immediate peer practice.

Takeaways and benefits: 

  • Practical knowledge and skills you can put into practice immediately.
  • Enhance your communication skills for more impactful client interactions.
  • Uncover hidden assumptions and their influence on your practice.
  • Develop strategies to effectively navigate assumptions in both you and your clients.
  • Develop attentive listening skills to truly hear your clients.
  • Learn “Clean Language” questioning to uncover deeper insights without leading the conversation.
  • Leverage the power of curiosity to foster stronger connections and shared meaning.
  • Connect with fellow therapists, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  • Expand your professional network and build valuable connections.

Catherine Daley biography

Catherine Daley is a communication specialist and a seasoned health practitioner, coach, trainer and facilitator. Her passion lies in empowering a wide range of people with the tools to master the art of clear communication.

As a Clean Language specialist, she can help you tap into the power of client-centred language. Catherine is also a champion for neurodiversity, and enabling inclusive workplaces and learning environments where everyone can thrive.