Holistic Pathology – An Integration of Holism and Biological Sciences

Trevor Gunn

Recorded February & March 2022
2 x 2.5hr seminar with 30 minutes for Q&A

Recordings with slide sets can be purchased for viewing for a limited time using the link below.

In the first of the modules that will make up part of the Healing as Transformation course (launch Autumn 2022), Trevor Gunn author, practitioner, homeopath and biochemist will deliver a truly holistic approach to health.

At the heart of Trevor’s observations is the paradox that:

Symptoms of disease are beneficial to the drive towards optimal health.

We will exploring the implications of this along with….

Trevor will explore the perspective that we need not be fearful of disease, that the body is a highly intelligent mechanism, focused on maintaining optimal health. This workshop is designed to remove the limitations we often put around symptoms and disease states, into a more holistic view embracing how intelligent the body really is.

Among the themes that will be covered are:

  • How can we transform our thinking in health and what are the limitations with our current thinking of health.
  • Recognising the body benefits from a wisdom deeper than that of the personal mind with many highly evolved mechanisms designed to maintain optimum health.
  • How the practitioner’s role in reframing disease can help remove fear, avoid poor treatment choices and improve health naturally.
  • Soil theory of disease v Pasteur’s theory of health.
  • Gaining an understanding that the symptoms are a sign of the body being stressed beyond its normal limits. Symptoms of disease are beneficial to the drive towards optimal health.
  • How the self-healing mechanisms we experience as the ‘intelligence of the body’ enable an understanding of the use and benefits of alternative therapies.
  • Are microbes the cause of disease versus a change in the inner terrain. Germs are they friend or foe? How ihe increased accumulation of microbes happens to a more toxic body state.
  • Acidity and toxicity levels.
  • The management of toxicity by the body and through the routes of elimination.
  • Why oxygen concentration matters.
  • How adaptation to the environment is happening all the time.
  • Symbiotic living.
  • How to work with the expression of symptoms, rather than against it.
  • How we as practitioners can move our clients towards a more effective health paradigm and what this means holistically.

Trevor Gunn biography

Biochemist, Homeopath, Author and Teacher with some 25 years experience.