Logosynthesis – The Power of Words

Dr Willem Lammers

Monday 30th May 2022 1300-1600 UK (0800-1100 New York 1400-1700 EU)

In life we are faced with two questions which recur over short and longer cycles in our lives: What are we here for? And what keeps us from living that mission? 

The framework of Logosynthesis provides powerful resources to help people get to these questions in a very natural way. Willem Lammers’ seminar will present background, principles and examples of how this works including insight into the following:

  • ‘Virtual bodies’ that exist besides the physical body as subtle energy structures. Esoteric traditions describe up to seven separate interconnected bodies.
  • How beliefs can be a large factor in your clients health, and the drive for survival. 
  • Discovering the clients purpose for life and how it changes health simply and profoundly. 
  • Moving into the now with the focus of your clients and moving away from fear.
  • How the past affects the present health.
  • How the articulation of certain sentences has a direct impact on the body, mind and soul. 

Logosynthesis can be seen as a courageous extension of psychotherapeutic, linguistic and coaching traditions that goes deeply into the meanings we take up unconsciously via language structures, and how to most powerfully use language to get to our clearest intentions.

Dr Willem Lammers biography

Willem Lammers is a long time Transactional Analyst, psychotherapist, and coach, who has looked deeply into the various teachings of the schools of spiritualism, psychology and psychotherapy. With Logosynthesis he has brought together the essences of many of these learnings about how to work with the human experience.

Having developed Logosynthesis and developed a newtork of trainers and master trainers who are expanding its adoption worldwide, Willem is now devoting spending his time writing and further refining the body of work.