Mastering Case-Taking & Client Interviews

Deborah Walker

Thurs 3rd February 2022 1.30-4.30 pm GMT

One of the key skills in health practice is the discovery process that is often called ‘case-taking’ or more generally, ‘client interviewing’. The process may begin before you meet, but takes place mainly in the first consultation, and may continue in subsequent consultations.

Everyone will have their own style, but there is huge value in sitting back and exploring how to get the best out of this process. How this conversation unfolds can frame client expectations, and to what extent they become empowered to learn from their own story, and how willing they will be to engage with the treatment plans you provide.

In this 2.5 – 3 hour workshop, we will consider:

  • timelines
  • looking at the whole range of relevant life experiences
  • promoting the processing of feelings around health issues
  • helping the client to see connections
  • tactfully drawing out information that is not volunteered

The workshop will involve explanation of methods, contributions from participants and some active role-play in pairs to trial new techniques.

Feedback from this event:

  • “I learned so much about asking questions and to think outside the box when trying to find the root problem.”
  • “The Health Pie concept was a concrete way to help shift the focus to the client and what “they” can do. Remember to take of you, the practitioner.”
  • “Thank you Deborah. This was super helpful. The partner work gave me lots of insight into what to work on in my intake interviews.”

Deborah Walker biography

Deborah Walker has run three successful nutrition and energy testing practices across the UK during the last decade. She has produced and presented a podcast called Food for Thought, interviewing leaders in natural health internationally, run a You Tube channel, and founded Natural Health Radio which ran with twelve hosts for 3 years. She now works with practitioners to help them build their own businesses.