META-Health – Identify the Conflict behind Symptoms

Susanne Billander

Monday 25th April 1400-1700 UK (0900-1200 New York , 1500-1800 EU)

Identifying the conflict behind physical symptoms, and how to access the healing Truth

META-Health (META-Medicine) evolved from German New Medicine model of Dr Hamer, which identified four main types of emotional susceptibility: separation, fear for survival, fear of attack and self-devaluation, which he saw as impacting on a specific part of the brain, with a resulting impact on specific parts of the body, according to embryological development.

The META approach provides a biological map of organ, brain and psyche connections that help us recognise the intelligence behind symptoms and answer the ‘why this, why me, why now ?’ questions that the onset of disease inevitably brings.

The workshop will include: 

  • The principles of META-health. The conflict phase, the regeneration phase and the process of healing. 
  • The clinical method of META-Health in identifying the initial triggers, identifying the pathway of disease-genesis along with how to reverse it.
  • What our own statements about our health can indicate, and how those can be a factor in continuing the dis-ease state. 
  • Knowing where to look. Symptoms emotion, stress-triggers, social and lifestyle connection.
  • How disease labels give away our own responsibility for health and limit our power to heal. 
  • Discussion of case work that provides powerful testimony to the effectiveness of the method in resolving challenging diseases.
  • Most crucially, as Susanne will explain, how to prevent recurrence of physical disease by alignment with the clearest principles for life.

Susanne Billander biography

Susanne is a powerhouse of curiosity, pin-point focus and insistence on evidencing each new insight into what works.

Beginning her studies with NLP at age 22, and then joining the NLP World training team, she soon became one of the most sought after coaches for high-level executive clients. Her work in health and wellness sprung from the seed planted by the NLP attitude, that we can bring forth powerful changes in our own state in spite of conventional beliefs to the contrary.

She is a spiritual teacher and international trainer in META-Medicine. She has been successfully using and teaching the META-medicine practices for nearly twenty years, teaching the underlying causes behind the different dis-ease processes, and the art of multi-dimensional healing.

Having learned how to help clients resolve a wide-variety of major health challenges without any recourse to suppressive medicine, she noted that there was a tendency for physical disturbances to recur in people’s lives, even while it appeared they had completely healed. A determination to transcend this pattern led her to what might be called ‘evidence-based Christianity’, a radical shift for someone coming from one of the most secular cultures and oriented towards biological science and analysis.