Subscription Offer

Vitalhealth provides an educational programme that explores a truly holistic approach to health care for both orthodox (‘evidence-based’) and natural (‘complementary and alternative’) practitioners using highly qualified and experienced educators, practitioners and speakers with a deep experience of their specific modality.

The programme is a cross-modality exploration, informed by a holistic view of science that allows looking beyond the physical snapshot of an individual at a point in time, recognising the multiple influences on health and journeys through helath. 

With ever more holistic treatment and diagnostic approaches being made available, we provide a pathway of learning about healing as a transformative process through the experience of these expert speakers.

While intended for professional development, the nature of the material means that this course and follow-up possibilities will also be a powerful personal development experience.

Material presented may be an exploration of a modality by an expert practitioner as an example, or in some cases an overview of an approach or philosophy of healthcare.

For the membership fee of £47 or $59 per month we offer:

  • access to the 10 vitalhealth monthly seminars per annum (regular price £40), each one designed to bring a high-value practical strategy and / or a deeper, broader understanding of the holistic field
  • access to all vitalhealth lectures and podcasts, which supplement the seminars

What this program will help you with:

  •  support you in understanding a wide variety of effective holistic health approaches, with a focus on ‘what works well, what works fast’
  • help you to go beyond adherence to individual ‘modalities’ to build your own unique approach that works for your evolving client-base
  • give you a clear insight into how the variety of holistic and orthodox approaches to ‘treatment’ take effect and resolve the apparent contradictions between them
  • grow your understanding of how ‘science’ applies to healthcare, from a holistic perspective
  • inform you around how to to deliver economical, sustainable healthcare that fosters self-responsibility and not dependency
  • give the opportunity to be part of a community of open-minded discovery